Keep the Shop Clean and HummingMake it Ready to Sell and Fun to Run 
  • Regardless of your age or interest in the sale of your shop today, consider this series required or must do. 
  • Every ATRA shop owner should understand the importance of preparing for a Smart Exit™.
  • If done correctly, it can take a year, frequently more.


This six-article series outlines steps to make your shop presentable and profitable. It will help you to ask, and to answer, questions that are crucial to you being able to make a Smart Exit™.

By John E. Anderson, CEO of Be Cause Business Resources and Author of Smart Exit™ Steer Your Business to Success and Companion Workbook

John Anderson shares key areas of opportunity in every successful business exit strategy in this six-part series of articles written especially for the members of the Automatic Transmission Rebuilder’s Association (ATRA), and published monthly in the ATRA Trade magazine. The Smart Exit™ Series for Business Owners leads up to a half-day Smart Exit™ Workshop at the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders' Association annual international event - Powertrain EXPO in Las Vegas October 19-22.

Links to the published articles in the GEARS Magazine flip books:
August -

Series Articles

The Best Way Out

Benjamin Franklin once famously pointed out that nothing in life is certain, except death and taxes. But for shop owners, there may be another certainty to consider: the day when you decide it’s time to move on… to take the next step in your life. For some, moving on...

What’s My Business Worth?

All business owners want to know – “What is my business worth?”     Knowing your business’ street value is important. Not what you think, but an objective dollar amount...

Who Might Buy My Shop?

All business owners want to know, “What’s my business worth?” But different buyers will put different values on your shop: Family Employee Ambitious Rebuilder Competitor Investor Strategic Buyer It's because they want different things. Family, an employee, or a...

Increasing the Value of Business

You must increase value. It’s your job as CEO. More importantly, it’s your job as CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer, to demonstrate to the staff that it can be done and then show them how. There are multiple meanings to the phrase “increase the value.” What I’m referring...

Value Is a Function of Growing Assets with Manageable, Declining Risk

Value Is a Function of Growing Assets with Manageable, Declining Risk The next step in preparing for a smart exit from your business, by determining and helping enhance your shop’s value. Every day when you go to work, your intent is to get more jobs in,...