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If you are a business owner, looking to exit your business in the next year to 5 years or more, now is the time to secure your future with a strategic exit plan.

The facts are clear: More businesses are forced to close their doors prematurely than there are businesses who close on their own terms. Don’t become a statistic! Act now and join a program designed to produce results for you!

What you will learn:

  • How to mitigate risk in the event of one of the Four Organizational Risks.
  • How to train staff to deliver quality, identify leaders, and rally the troops to success.
  • How to determine the value of your business, and then how to increase the value using tested strategies.
  • To develop a strategic exit plan, ensuring that you exit your business on your terms and in your timeline.
  • How to conduct a financial analysis and prepare cash flow projections.
  • How to tell If your systems are performing for your bottom-line and how to improve operational productivity.
  • How to select and then mentor your successor – and plan your Smart Exit™.

Four Organizational Risks

How to Protect Your Business, Family and Self Should Disaster Strike

It may be difficult to accept that YOU represent several risks to the ongoing success of your organization. You could drop dead, be diagnosed with a terminal illness, or win the lottery and no longer be interested in or care about your business. Things like this can and do shut down businesses every day.

Here are a few questions to ponder.

  • If you were incapacitated or dead, what would your family have to do to close your venture and liquidate assets?
  • Is your organization stable enough to survive if you have a personal calamity?
  • How would your family and business recover and carry on successfully?

Your early death or disability would be a “train wreck” for your family. If your business functions successfully with or without your daily involvement, your death will still be devastating to your family, but less so for the business.

All organizations face four primary risks: the TRUCK, the DIAGNOSIS, the LOTTERY and EXHAUSTION. You’ve navigated these waters well so far, but the currents in this next section can be trickier than what’s come before. You must explicitly deal with these possible scenarios or they can wipe out all you’ve worked to achieve.

Smart Exit™ Steer Your Business to Success Leader’s Circle is a 6-session peer-participation program designed to produce results for the busy business owner and successor. Request more information below or jump right in and press the red Sign Up Now! button on the right.

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  • 6 sessions – once a week on Thursdays.
  • Classes are held virtually and recorded.
  • Each session builds upon the next.

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John Anderson

John Anderson, business exit expert and author of Smart Exit™ Steer Your Business to Success and the Companion Workbook will be your leader as you chart your future with like-minded business owners.

A Journey Worth Taking

At the end of the six sessions you will have a custom Strategic Exit Plan for you and your business.

You will know what you have, where you are going, and how to get there!

You will have explored scenarios, adjusted course, and be ready to set sail to your next best adventure – even if it’s not scheduled to begin years from now!