Washington State University Management Operations Class

The WSU Student Challenge

A group of 17 students lead our Management Operations 360 course review in the 15th and final meeting December 5, 2017 at the Carson College of Business, Washington State University, Vancouver.

Six Teams of Students Presented Projects for their Extra Credit


Linda Humason and two students did Jeopardy game.

Gus Ficket and Blaine Strachan
A power point that included an overview of concepts from Forecasting and Quality chapters. I described some of the types of forecasting, the steps to determine a forecast, some of its applications as well as the mathematical calculations for standard forecasting.

See: TQM PowerPoint Presentation

Jeronimo Cordero, a one-person team
My presentation was sampled from a current operating business. I did a walk through and analysis of current bottle necks. My results consisted of 2 major bottle necks in their food items offered. I attached the process flows similar to the examples in chapter 7. I also discussed a restaurant layout and explained how utilization efficient is best when it’s in a “U” shape.

See Bottle Necks 123

Tosha Bryant, part of a multi-student team
In class, I went over Learning Curves. I mostly went over their uses and functions in Operations Management. I went over all of the different formulas and broke down how to apply them. For the website that I was a part of with Savannah, I made a video of exactly what I went over in class found here. The video link below leads to an 8:34 clip of Tosha as she presented in class.

See: Learning Curves

Operation Management: Learning Curves basics
I also made a study guide on the formulas and showed how to do a comprehensive problem (problem set 6, #3) that we as a class could not figure out how to do. If you happen to teach this class again, I would keep the study guide handy on how to do this problem. You have my permission to use it of course. It’s a good example problem because if you can do this one, you can do all the others on the homework.

See: Learning Curves study guide

Melissa Vannarath and Jessica Do
For our presentation, we created a PowerPoint with some important concepts learned during the course. We talked about forecasting, operation management, inventory management, and quality/strategy. I have attached the link to our presentation below.

For the extra credit, we created a PowerPoint slide to summarize what we learned this semester. The four concepts we touched based on were:
chapter 1: Operations and Productivity
chapter 4: Forecasting
chapter 12: Inventory Management
chapter 6: Managing Quality

Our goal of the project was to ultimately summarize the main concepts. It is one thing to understand the material. But we wanted to teach our peers how and why certain concepts may apply to the real world. It gives us an overall idea of how the world of business may operate.

See: Management Operations Slide Presentation

Savanah Svinth, Built Website for a Student Team
For my contribution to the group project, I just coded the site itself and formatted the content that the other group members sent me; I also functioned as the project manager of sorts, in facilitating the project, defining the scope, creating the group digital drive, etc. Please let me know if you would like to see a better end result from a design standpoint; I can adjust/add anything to the site or provide clarification for group roles, etc.

See: Website for a Student Team

Link works 1/23/18 – see many examples within the site.
Liuba Colesnic – Topic: Inventory, Content: Word Search, PowerPoint Presentation
Tosha Bryant – Topic: Learning Curve, Content: Video, Study Guide, Presentation
Jessica Fernandez – Topic: Forecasting, Content: Presentation, Study Guide, Video
Daniel Ostepenko – Topic: Quality, Content:Prezi Presentation soccer game example
Tyler Warneke – Topic: Forecasting, Content: Online Quiz
Tyler Warneke – produced 8:34 YouTube video of Tosha Bryant