Be Cause Leaders’ Circle

Belonging to a trusted circle of leaders can be a valuable resource to growing your business and personal capabilities. An informal board of advisors can assist with periodic achievement review.

As leaders, we consider options, evaluate performance, prioritize action and update progress made towards our objectives every day. Getting unbiased, objective feedback and suggestions from peers can improve our clarity.

Each of us is an investor in our business. But, what is the ROI? Financial report reviews are important, but how’s movement towards a higher business market value? How’s after-tax net profit and employee turnover compared to your industry averages and benchmarks?

Step away from the daily minutia to work with experts on strategy. What new approaches could breathe inspiration into your staff? How can staff improve the twinkle in your customers’ eyes? Are you appreciating what’s working best and problem solving only when your team is struggling to reach the targets you’ve set with them? Is there cause for celebration?

A Leaders’ Circle that focuses upon Being Cause, keeps everyone’s energy up. Tough questions and hard work need to be balanced with reflection, relaxation and establishing new goals.

Each of us must develop our staff into better managers. Belonging to a Be Cause Leaders’ Circle enables you to learn and grow. Invite a key manager you’re considering for partnership. Introducing your leading staff members to the Leaders’ Circle will develop their self-esteem and your confidence in them.

Listen carefully as they participate in your circle of colleagues. This can be advanced training for them towards developing the mentality of an owner instead of an employee.

In your initial sessions go through Smart Exit™ – Steer Your Business To Success. You’ll work your way through the Smart Exit™ Companion Workbook with feedback and help. During this process you’ll get support crafting your Smart Exit™ Strategic Plan. Implement your plan delegating more duties to staff and monitoring their growing abilities to operate with or without your daily operational involvement. All the while the value of your business will increase.

As the capabilities of your staff develop, your enterprise resource system will grow to track customer satisfaction and your major metrics. You’ll test and prove your leadership candidates. Settling upon your next partner, they will become an equal with you in the Be Cause Leaders’ Circle and in your business.

Time is precious. Increase your accomplishments. Then step away as you transfer equity and make your Smart Exit™.